8 Reasons We Are Not Happy at Work http:

8 Reasons We Are Not Happy at Work

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Adobe says it wants AI to amplify human

Adobe says it wants AI to amplify human creativity and intelligence #ArtificialIntelligence

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To Survive the Streets, Self-Driving Car

To Survive the Streets, Self-Driving Cars Have to Start Thinking Like Humans #ArtificialIntelligence

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Technology in Today’s Work Culture

Domenica Cresap - Technology in Today's Work Culture

Technology in the workplace has a direct effect on the way a company communicates internally and how they regulate when and where employees are working from. The standard for today’s work culture is becoming more reliant to working online.

Working millennials have a huge impact on the way people inside a company communicate with each other. According to Pew Research Center, millennials are now the most prominent generation in the workforce today. Their outside communication habits are becoming the model for communication inside the office. Their aversion to making phone calls is promoting the use of text messaging, emailing, and instant messaging apps, such as Slack and Google Hangouts, as the primary forms of communication between coworkers. This type of communication can help eliminate hierarchical barriers and allow for more effective collaboration across the whole company.

While this all sounds like a great way to boost productivity, there are downfalls to this form of communication. Smartphones can become a distraction in the workplace with the constant notifications disrupting a worker’s focus. A lack of focus can lead to errors in work. Instant messaging apps can also open the door to work becoming a nonstop chat room. Managers might need to enforce a set of rules to avoid problems such as these.

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Busting the Top 5 Myths of AI

Domenica Cresap - Busting Top 5 Myths of AIArtificial Intelligence (AI) is a popular and exciting topic within the world of technology these days. This can cause misunderstandings to turn into wild rumors. Here are five AI myths that you must stop believing.

 1. AI Will Replace Your Job
Viewing AI as a direct transfer of human labor to machine labor is large over-simplification. Industrial revolutions in the past, such as the shift from agricultural work to factory work in the nineteenth century, have feared the same thing. However, the number of jobs has stayed consistent throughout. There is very little evidence to suggest a mass unemployment is likely to happen. Instead, AI technology will enable human workers to work in a more efficient and clever manner.

2. Low-Skilled & Manual Workers Are Most Likely To Be Replaced
Most of the focus for AI is reducing the laborious aspects of day-to-day work, often for the highly trained professions such as doctors and lawyers. In the medical field, AI is used to scan images, such as x-rays and MRIs, to detect early warning signs of different diseases. In the case of a lawyer, AI can be used to scan large documents at warp speed to find the most relevant information for an ongoing case. AI isn’t taking over these jobs but instead helping professionals use their time for more high-level work.

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It’s Not About Just the Experience, It

It’s Not About Just the Experience, It’s the Journey — With #Analytics
http://ow.ly/1C6Z30eQoje #data #bigdata #business

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Enterprise Is Supporting Deep Learning |

Enterprise Is Supporting Deep Learning | Articles | Big Data
http://ow.ly/h6TS30eQoab #bigdata #ai #machinelearning

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3 Easy Ways to Spot and Get An Opportuni

3 Easy Ways to Spot and Get An Opportunity Ahead of the Crowd
http://ow.ly/UjDg30eQo23 #business #startup #tips

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Oakley launches road helmet range | Cycl

Oakley launches road helmet range | Cyclingnews.com
http://ow.ly/8NLA30eQnsx #cycling

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Experts answer your top #data #science a

Experts answer your top #data #science and #machinelearning questions
http://ow.ly/bOpb30eQn7M #tech #technology #bigdata #ai #iot

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