Insights From Dell’s State of IT Trends 2016

Insights From Dell's State of IT Trends 2016

Dell recently sponsored a survey, which was PBS conducted. Over 1,200 online interviews were completed between April and May with people in the U.S., U.K., Japan, Germany, China, Brazil, and India. Of those interviewed, 500 were BDMs (business decision makers) and 700 were ITDMs (information technology decision makers). These two roles belong to people in a company who make decisions about improving the business and what risks may be worth taking. ITDMs specifically focus on the introduction and use of technology into a business, while BDMs focus on more general business practices.

Previously, attitudes between the two groups did not align in regards to IT in their businesses. The goal of the survey was to evaluate how these decision makers viewed the future and importance of IT in relation to their companies. Another goal was to figure out the evolution of ITDM and BDMs views toward technology use in the business sector. Dell then released the results of their survey in the last few weeks with some interesting trends shown.

Survey trends

One of the most interesting overall results of the survey is learning that ITDMs and BDMs have much closer views toward IT in their businesses than is usually expected. Recently, it seems that these two groups have come to an understanding about current and future IT trends.

Here’s a breakdown of the data, provided by Dell, where the two groups overwhelmingly agree:

  • ITDMs (62 percent) and BDMs (51 percent) agree that cloud computing is the most important technology trend for their companies
  • By 2:1 margins, both ITDMs and BDMs say they will use more open data center technologies in the future
  • Eighty-six percent of ITDMs and 85 percent of BDMs agree that compute-centric is the best approach to gain a flexible, scalable and open data center

Though the two groups agree, for the most part, there are still some differences between their views. For example, these differences are:

  • ITDMs (84 percent) are much more likely to claim their business has a strategic IT plan than BDMs (70 percent)
  • ITDMs (86 percent) say that their business would benefit much more from a tailored IT structure than BDMs do (77 percent)
  • BDMs (43 percent) are more likely to say their business has not begun using software-defined solutions than ITDMs are (57 percent)

How could these differences occur? It seems the two groups are on the same page regarding the importance of future IT development and use in their businesses, but when asked about current trends, BDMs generally said IT was not being as utilized as the ITDMs claim it is. It seems that this discrepancy could be mainly due to a lack of communication between ITDMs and BDMs. Instead of relaying decisions and current IT practices, the ITDMs take initiative and handle the new technology themselves instead of also speaking with the BDMs about it.

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