The Future of IT Is Bright

domenica cresap on the future of IT

In a recent report for, the tech news and analysis website, Bernard Golden  summarizes the “4 principles that will shape the future of IT.”

Golden, named by as one the ten most influential people in cloud computing, offers a comprehensive overview of the trending landscape in the industry. In the article, Golden convincingly makes the case that “IT is undergoing a profound transformation.”

Here, some highlights from his roundup.

Insight #1: Don’t Get Ubered.

Your business “could be disrupted by a Silicon Valley startup that is reconfiguring an industry value chain and being fueled by endless venture capital,” Golden writes. With the shift to digitization, traditional industries (i.e. taxi companies in the case of Uber) are vulnerable. The charge? Don’t be blindsided. Think digital.

Insight #2: Keep Up with the Software Shift

According to Goldman:

“Within the overall wrenching restructuring of the economy, it’s easy to overlook the massive change going in the technology industry itself. The shift to a software-centric world should redound to the immense benefit of the big technology firms, but they’re in trouble, too. Instead of reaping the gain of everyone else being forced to focus on technology, big vendors are themselves suffering from the ongoing shift to software.”

Though it might be despite your better judgement, follow the open source trail.

Insight #3: Stop Trying to Netflix-ize Your Company

It boils down to limited capability, explains Goldman:

“Despite the best intentions, the average enterprise IT organization doesn’t have the money to attract high-quality talent. It’s unlikely to be capable of designing its own application environment. Even trying to leverage the Netflix tools is likely to be beyond its capabilities, because the tools require top talent to adapt and operate them for a company’s own environment.”

You can meet your future without re-charting another company’s past.

Insight #4: Embrace Easy Implementation

In response to many companies inability to be like Netflix, says Goldman, “new open source offerings will arrive that combine important components into preconfigured stacks that can be implemented as-is, thereby reducing the competence required to use them.”

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